Estilavida is a fashion, leisure, lifestyle, and travel Bible to the image-conscious 21st century hedonist. Launched in May of 2019, Estilavida offers the tools to becoming the best version of yourself you can be — not in the stupid enlightened way, but moreso how to dress as though you’re the most expensive escort in Paris, or why you should try to include more opera in your life. Estilavida also gives its readers the ability to request advice on their outfits or ask general questions through our Fashion Advice Portal. The whole world is waiting… Make the sidewalk your runway and get to serving looks!

About Andy

Andy Jimerson as photographed in October of 2018

Andy Jimerson is a recently-graduated high school student living just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Armed with a sharp tongue and keen interest in fashion, he enjoys critiquing not only style, but all manners of things; he created Estilavida and functions as the site’s primary contributor in order to help spread his ideas and opinions regarding fashion and leisure. His interests include writing, traveling, graphic design, and meditation. Andy plans on attending school at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, studying English Literature and Ancient History. He has a cat named Grey Baby.