Black, Silver, and Red: A Polyamorous Marriage Of Power and Sophistication

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Anyone with an inclination towards fashion or might maintain highly-curated wardrobe can claim that over the years, they’ve become beholden to certain patterns or color combinations in their outfits. For some, it might be cool-toned paisley shirts; for others, it might be an unconscious pull towards solid primary colors. We, as humans, naturally gravitate towards structure and routine in what we wear. That’s what dictates our sense of style, what dictates our regard for the clothes on our backs. These idiosyncrasies are what make us stand out from one another, even despite the fact that they’re borne from an attempt to impose order unto ourselves, a desire to follow a foolproof formula of “this looks good on me” and “this does not”.

Or, in less pretentious terms, maybe we just like certain fucking colors.

Yup, that’s basically all it boils down to; as we expand our wardrobe and endure constant trial-and-error in experimenting with new styles and clothes, we have the tendency to find specific color combinations that are more attractive than others. I, too, am guilty of this. The more money I invest into the madman’s museum exhibit of junk that is my closet, the more I see it turning into a obsessive-compulsive showroom of black, silver, and red.

In reality, there’s nothing wrong with that!

I find this distinct combination so intriguing because of the image it conveys to the people around me; it’s borderline impossible to not notice the six-foot-one man swishing down the hallway decked out in the inherently eye-grabbing amalgamation of these three colors. Assuming you’re not the kind of person who sees a man in anything but a T-shirt and jeans and instantly wants to lynch them, someone adorned in such a trio can automatically command respect, while at the same time donning a shroud of mystery and reservedness. You become the most powerful enigma in the room.

Now, how can three simple colors project such a dramatic image? The answer lies within their individual meanings and the traits associated with them. Buckle up, because we’re about to get into some hardcore color theory.

Black. This should be the basis of the outfit — I typically go black when choosing my pants or top. According to the aptly-named (some real in-depth research we’re doing here at Estilavida), the color black is the essence of power. There’s a reason why it’s become associated with so much negativity and evil in our culture; it’s intimidating, and people certainly take note. On top of the power it carries, black can also conjure the impression of “…class, elegance, and wealth”, and if that isn’t something that gets you going, then I really don’t know what horrible planet you’ve come from, nor would I like to.

Silver. This is the color I reserve for my accessories, or my shirt, if I’m feeling particularly adventurous. Silver carries a wide variety of meanings across cultures and it can be paired with almost anything, which makes it a surprisingly versatile (hnng) color. For starters, it’s long been associated with the moon and, subsequently, magic; while people may not consider you a sorcerer for wearing silver, it can lend you an almost-ethereal quality when worn properly. Seeing as it is a metallic color, it’s crucial that you avoid overdoing it — but you can take significantly more liberties with silver than you can with gold. Gold can easily cross the threshold from classy into gauche, but since silver is more subdued, you can wear a fair bit more of it without seeming unsophisticated. To top it all off, silver is simply the physical manifestation of the word “sleek”; it’s restrained and refined, and when applied to your outfit, this effect will magnify doubly so.

Finally, we come to red. Red is the accent color set aside for shoes, a hat, a scarf, or even the gems on your silver necklace. Truth be told, I hardly feel as though I need to explain what the color red embodies; it’s one of the most emotional colors, and one of the most intense. You don’t have to read about what red means, because you can feel the meaning. Red is such a strong color that illustrates energy, passion, charisma, and yes, sex. Such is the reason why anything from magenta to crimson must be taken in small doses — too much has the potential to agitate or distract those around you, becoming consumed with “why are they wearing so much red” rather than what your outfit might be trying, yet failing miserably, to evoke.

I hold this captivating triad of tinctures in such high esteem because not only do their shades compliment one another with a courtly splendor, but their meanings do as well. These three colors work in tandem to express to the world that you are powerful, you are sophisticated, and that there’s more than meets the eye, communicated with a tantalizing grace and restraint.

As I said before, while on the topic of silver, when you apply these sumptuous colors to your outfit, the compelling effect it has on your look as a whole will magnify doubly so.

Perhaps we should make that triply so.

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