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Into the Fabric Jungle: The Beauty of Animal Prints

In the dense thicket of my wardrobe, an event worthy of a David Attenborough narration is taking place. Between the green smart pants and the satin button-up, an oversized zebra-striped blazer hangs, aloof as though it were lapping at a watering hole in the savanna. Several hangers over, however, a predator lies in wait; the

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Leggings: The Pants That Aren’t Just For Women

In recent years, we’ve seen the meteoric rise of the fashion trend artfully nicknamed “athleisure”. In essence, these are clothes that you can either wear to the gym, around the house, or out-and-about, without at all looking out of place. If you’ve become familiar with the ever-changing number of commandments within my mental fashion Bible,

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